Watch the video to learn the facts behind small business marketing failure and Nimblwit.

Marketing Strategy Packages

Nimblwit is a marketing program designed for business owners with less than 10 equivalent full-time employees who want experts to grow their business affordably. The marketing strategy and implementation packages are customised for each unique business and include only your business needs, nothing it doesn't, to grow your business profitably, unbiased and honest.


Our customised marketing strategy and implementation package define the unique personality of your business to increases sales and profitability.  


Our service discovers what you've done to get your business where it is now, then creates, designs, implements, and maintains a customised strategy that builds a solid foundation to take your business to the next level and then keep it there. 


Our full-service offer is a fraction of the cost of hiring one person each month through our proprietory small business community platform.

Our services are only for micro-businesses.

Our small business community platform was designed to fill the gaps in the marketing services provided by the marketing industry for micro business owners.


Specifically, our services are for businesses with less than 10 employees, and whose customers come to your physical business, you go to customers homes or businesses, or customers come to your online store.

5 steps to focus more of your time doing what you love best. 

The five simple steps to get a marketing strategy and makeover that will effectively grow revenue and profit for your unique business:


​1) RSVP to get your place in the queue,

2) Tell us about your business challenges - what's holding it back,

3) Tell us about your business goals - what you want to achieve through your business,

4) Tell us how much growth you can manage to achieve your goals,

5) Agree to the terms of the program.​



This diagram shows the 5 steps to your marketing strategy from Nimblwit